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We are brought on to advise and coach through or work hands-on-deck to tackle business innovation;  transform challenges in to opportunities; and chart your path from build-to-launch-to-scaleup. 


We are do-ers
We are problem solvers
We are system disruptors
We are stakeholder-obsessed
We are fixated on your growth

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Crayne is your strategic partner-in-growth & innovation

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Strategy & Roadmapping

Leadership & Management

Building alignment to build cohesion between your vision and your day-to-day.

The needs of your customers and stakeholders are evolving. Identifying, exploring and expanding on where you want to go to develop actionable roadmaps that will help guide and ground your daily activities.

Developing and solidifying your management practices and processes.

Building clarity on roles, and actionable ways to lead and manage with consistency, team engagement, and metrics of progress. 

We go deep because we are in it for your long-game

Digital Transformation

Digitizing areas of your business to level-up your productivity and performance.

Digitizing the relevant front-office and back-office processes and projects with the goal of you being able to do more of what you already do, and do it better.


Workshops & Speaking

Investing in capacity, confidence, and leadership.

Delivering keynotes and facilitating interactive and hands-on sessions and workshops that are centred around your goals to help equip, inspire, and support your teams with innovation, entrepreneurship, startup stages, and business strategy.

Program & Product Innovation

With your organization's values, mandate, and objectives as the north star and customer success as the ultimate goal - developing innovative program and product solutions. 

Creating how your customers will experience you from A-to-Z. For incubators, accelerators, innovation hubs, and educational organizations. Developing qualification and success frameworks and metrics and build out what you will offer. 

From Ideation to MVP to Launch - working with you to examine and build innovative ideas to help you address the evolving needs of your customers.


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We are known to have levelled-up leaders, managers, and organizations and for having the "perfect blend of strategic and implementation skills".


We are known to have helped companies "dodge bullets", and plan and execute their next moves.



We are known for meeting teams where they are at and for leaving them feeling better equipped to move forward and thrive.


The truth is, we don't love the conventional approach to consulting. We do things differently to drive deep impact. 



Carolyn Van



Carolyn is an experienced Senior Leader, Program Director, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Venture Coach, and public-facing Thought Leader.


Senior Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Changemakers turn to Carolyn to help them identify, tackle, work through and plan for opportunities and challenges - no matter how undefined, hairy, audacious or complex they are. This is part of Crayne's origin story.

She is known for being a shift disturber, her deep and wide insights; technology meets business expertise; systems-thinking; being a catalyst for change and transformation; future-forward thinking; and having the "perfect blend of strategic and implementation skills".


Carolyn brings more than 12 years of building, growing and scaling up businesses and designing projects, services and programs to expand reach and deepen impact. She has been responsible for designing and managing programs and experiences that hundreds of thousands have participated in.

She has worked with innovation incubators and accelerators across North America and Europe; hundreds of startups; and with companies and not-for-profits across various industries and sectors including healthcare, arts and culture, telecom, Internet of Things (IoT), human resources, education and consumer packaged goods (CPG). 

Carolyn has been awarded by the City of Toronto for her leadership in Digital Innovation and has been invited to advise, work closely with, speak, educate, and design and deliver programs by many including Microsoft, World Trade Centre Toronto, Toronto Board of Trade, Google, Intelligent Automation Summit, Product Management and UX/UI Associations, Clearco, CTV News Channel, Young Adult Cancer Canada, Rogers Wireless, Global Entrepreneurship Week, Scotiabank, First Nations Tech Council, Boys & Girls Club - National (Canada), The Financial Post, The Globe and Mail, Lean Startup Machine Conference, Oxfam Canada, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, and the House of Commons (Parliament of Canada).


what they said...

what they said

Carolyn is a very knowledgeable, inventive, and reliable individual. We are really fortunate to have her as a trusted advisor. She has opened up many doors for us in our customer and business development stages thanks to her large network.


She is not afraid to be honest and tell you if and when you are not on the right track, which is quite refreshing to hear. We really love the way she tackles problems as they present themselves with an out-of-the-box approach.

- Aram, CEO of Crowdlinker

Through her energy, bold-nature, persistence, awesome ideas and wide connections we just rocketed forward. 


Carolyn is thoughtful, empathetic, focused and always knows how to plan and execute the next move. 

I would love an opportunity to work with Carolyn again - and so should you.

- Declan, CTO & Agile at LeanIntuit

We went from developing a product that people “could see” themselves using to developing a product people will use and that all stemmed from us making a conscience effort to hone in on the value that we were aiming to deliver to our consumers. 


This is what Carolyn is able to bring to the table.

- Yohannes, Product Strategy at Google

Her expertise and the time she took to understand our needs and start from where we were, allowed for real change on a personal level and organizational level. She is articulate, open minded, knowledgeable, and efficient. She also offered practical ways to improve our services that will help us in the long run.


I am already looking forward to working with her again and definitely recommend her to anyone looking to enhance and expand their work.

Karine, National Program Director at Young Adult Cancer Canada

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